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Why Should Choose WordPress? Most Reasons

Why should choose WordPress? This question is a question that people who want to build a WordPress-based website are wondering about.

There are many websites available today. Some of these websites use WordPress. Those who want to create a new blog site must have encountered WordPress, so they may wonder why it is preferred. There are many reasons for this. So why is WordPress so much better than Blogger? We would like to count these reasons for you.

Why Should Choose WordPress? Features of WordPress:

  1. Free ( Open Source )
  2. Easy use admin panel
  3. Unlimited Customizing Availability
  4. Have a lot of plugins for free
  5. Fast and good user interface
  6. Easy Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

Why Should Choose WordPress? Most Reasons

One of the reasons I prefer WordPress is that it has customization support. WordPress is the preferred website software, both because it is free and because it has a quality structure. Because it has its administration panel along with a user-friendly interface, users prefer WordPress intensively. Thanks to this panel, where it is possible to customize every detail of the website, there is an easy editing feature for users. WordPress SEO is so easy with free plugins.

Why should choose WordPress? Another answer to this question can be explained as community support. When there is a problem with WordPress, the user can find an answer to this question in a short time. Because WordPress has a large user base. For example, if a WordPress user has a problem with updating the theme or updating anywhere on the website, he can search the Internet and get a result in a short time.

Benefits of Using WordPress CMS

Another reason to use WordPress is that update support is included. WordPress has a structure that continues to be updated and developed from the past to the present day. WordPress, which also has a very successful security system, is also the software preferred by many companies such as The New York Times, CN, Time, TED, and IBM. Thanks to the updates it receives from time to time, WordPress is trying to offer users the best.

Another reason to use WordPress is the convenience it offers. For example, WordPress’ font editor system has a user-friendly interface. The editor, which is easily accessible, is known for its modern appearance today, as well as the innovations it provides. WordPress, which has plugin support, is available in many other areas besides the blog. If you want to use WordPress, create a site that reflects your company, a personal blog, or an e-commerce site where you sell your products.

Blogger Or WordPress Which One?

After you strip down to blogging and decide what your blog will be about, the most important decision you need to make will be to publish your posts using which blog tool. You can share your articles with your readers using many free publishing tools, but I wonder which one is the best? Is it WordPress or Blogger?

Important: Choosing a post-publish tool and switching to another tool after a while will be much more painful than you think, so you should make your decision very well when you start.

WordPress is a little more complicated than Blogger, but it offers users unlimited freedom. If you want to take a long-term path in blogging, if you are a little curious and hardworking, we recommend choosing WordPress. But if the only important issue for you is to publish your articles, then we would say that you can choose Blogger without any hesitation.

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