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Most SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes Free in 2023

SEO-friendly WordPress themes are one of the most important resources you should look at when choosing a theme in line with your blogging plans.

Theme selection is of great importance to rank high in Google, such that coding a theme definitely as Google wants, being fast will allow you to get good points from Google in technical terms,

Thus, it will allow you to start 1-0 ahead while you at the beginning of this job. Therefore, at the very beginning of this business, you should examine which SEO Compatible WordPress themes and evaluate them for your business.

In this article, I will list 4 SEO-Friendly WordPress themes that I have carefully selected from hundreds of SEO Compatible WordPress themes by many criteria;

Top 4 Most SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes For Free

1. Best – SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

The best is an SEO-compatible technology – A WordPress theme. A blog theme that I want to put first in the list of SEO Compatible themes.

If you ask what is the most needed determinant for a technology blog page my answer is that it is 100% SEO compatible.

Because the technology category is one of the most competitive sectors. In this case, the way to stand out from your competitors and settle in the first rank is to use a fast and high-level theme.

For technology-oriented sites that have decided to use WordPress infrastructure, the Best Theme, which is the product of MyThemeShop, will be one of the most suitable choices among SEO-compatible wp themes.

The Best theme immediately distinguishes itself, especially with its fast page load time. The responsive design allows your visitors to focus on your content. Thus, while your average session times increase, the rate of leaving your site decreases significantly.

Thanks to its SEO-focused clean coding and 100% compatibility with Google, it is inevitable that you will stand out from your other competitors and rank in first place.

The Best theme, which exceeds the speed and error-free coding criteria that require the most attention in SEO studies, guarantees that your traffic will increase. You can appeal to a big audience with these features.

Other prominent features of the Best theme, which is not only focused on technology but also has styles that you can use for your e-commerce, fashion, and viral works:

  • Built-in MegaMenu feature
  • Ajax upload and a search feature
  • Adsense-friendly optimized ad spaces
  • sticky menu
  • Unlimited component space
  • Unlimited colors and unlimited backgrounds

As a result, I can say that the Best theme is one of the rare themes that deserve first place among WordPress themes with perfect SEO.

2. Socially Viral – Viral SEO Compatible Blog Theme

Another theme I want to include in the SEO-compatible WordPress theme list is SocialyViral. SociallyViral is an SEO-friendly viral – blog theme.

We all know about the recent viral studies that use the power of social media to increase brand awareness. So why should these studies be limited to brands? As website owners, why not use this power to increase site awareness?

At this point, the theme we will choose for our site is SociallyViral, the best SEO-compatible viral and social media-focused WordPress theme. I claim that it is the best theme you can find in this area, carefully coded for site loading time speed, with careful SEO adjustments.

Coded in the style that Google loves, this theme is added with features that encourage your visitors to share your content on social media. With these features, you will attract more visitors to your site. This means that you can climb to the top of the search results in a short time.

One of the most important features of the SociallyViral theme is that it is so good coded to solve the problem of attracting visitors to your site. The SEO settings have been meticulously made, the speed has been increased and it has proven itself in increasing the number of visitors. However, it is not limited to these;

Social media buttons are carefully designed and placed for sharing

  • Built-in content rating function
  • Internal subscription form
  • Adsense-compatible ad slots
  • Stunning loading effects
  • Customizable shortcodes
  • 630+ Google Fonts support

It is one of the rare themes that deserves all the praise and you can be sure that you made the right choice.

3. Blogging – Wants some SEO?

Another of our themes with a high SEO score is the Blogging theme, which general and personal bloggers should not miss.

It is an eye-catching theme with its modern and energetic design, great SEO optimization, and a full Google-friendly performance in mobile view, especially for bloggers with heavy content input…

The blogging theme is HTML5-coded and specially optimized for speed. I can say that it is one of the rare themes that amazes me with its modern look and superior performance in terms of SEO.

Other features of the Blogging theme, which has special styles for viral, e-commerce, and fashion blogs;

  • Ad spaces specially designed for Adsense
  • A modern-looking slide on the front page
  • Simple and convenient control panel
  • Built-in Facebook comment area
  • Parallax scroll
  • Built-in author information display
  • Built-in notification bar
  • Lazy loading image loading
  • Ajax upload

If we are talking about SEO-compatible themes, it would be a shame to skip the Blogging theme.

4. Steadyincome – More Than an SEO-Friendly Theme

Another SEO-compatible marketing – blog theme on my WordPress SEO-compatible theme list is SteadyIncome, one of my favorites.

If you are an entrepreneur, you want to get into digital marketing and are looking for a theme with a high SEO rate, you can choose Steady income.

The most important feature of this theme is that it is equipped with elements. That will help you with the issues that an entrepreneur needs. Such as promotion, evaluation, attracting attention, raising awareness, and reaching the goal.

Our theme, which impresses with its charismatic and modern look, has a meticulously written code structure in the style that Google loves. In this way, it will quickly rise to the fore; You will be able to reach your entrepreneurial goals as soon as possible.

If we look at the other features of the theme that comes with the internal subscription form;

  • An unusual area for your promotion on the front page
  • 100% mobile compatible, simple, stylish, and attractive responsive design
  • Dedicated social media sharing buttons
  • Mega Menu
  • Specially optimized view for readability
  • Font Awesome support
  • Custom shortcodes
  • Unlimited component fields
  • We see that it has such great features.

In theme selection, Steadyicome theme is one of the best options for all WordPress users who are entering the digital marketing industry and looking for an SEO-compatible WordPress theme.

We listed SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes to use free in 2023. You can install these themes in your website and reach more traffic from Google.

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