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Best Screen Recorder Programs for Windows in 2023

You may want to take screen captures in PC games or on Windows desktops. In such cases, you need to use an external screen recorder, and the features of the program you use are the most factor in getting quality recordings. So what are the best screen recorder apps for PC?

We may need to record screens on our computer to record the beautiful movements we make in games or sometimes just for our work. Not only in these cases; We need screen recorder PC programs while making videos, wanting to share information from the screen, and many more. There are many paid or free programs for Windows.

Top 5 Windows Screen Recording Programs

Our first expectation from a good screen recorder program is that it is usually free. Even though many of the programs on the market are paid, they somehow also allow free use. Apart from this, additional features such as smooth recording of desktop sounds and webcam recording are also expected. Finally, of course, it has to record in Full HD. We have compiled the best programs with all these features. Also you can record your screen for a Youtube video about SEO-Optimized blog content writing.

  1. EaseUS RecExperts,
  2. GOM Cam (Recommended),
  3. Movavi Screen Recorder (Recommended),
  4. HitPaw Screen Recorder(Recommended),
  5. Camtasia,

EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recorder. This software, which you can use on macOS or Windows, can be used to record from a website or webcam. Moreover, you can edit the videos you recorded when using EaseUS RecExperts or only make audio recordings.

GOM Glass (Recommended)

With GOM Cam, you can easily and quickly record anything you want, from game recording to online courses. In addition, the GOM Cam Pro version, which offers more possibilities, is more affordable than its competitors in the market. It also offers some features of GOM Cam that you won’t find in other programs.

1. Recording by dividing files while recording screen: When recording for a long time, the file size is generally too large, which will cause errors when saving the file. To prevent this, the program automatically splits the file into small parts and saves it. This feature developed by GOM Cam-in will be very useful for long-term recording.

2. Green Screen: When the background is monochrome, GOM Cam removes the unnecessary background, making only the user’s face or upper body visible. Thus, it becomes possible to easily add other images or videos to the background.

Movavi Screen Recorder (Recommended)

Movavi, which is at the top of our screen video recorder program recommendations, is also a video editor. However, you can do everything that comes to mind when it comes to video and recording with Movavi. With Movavi Screen Recorder, which is also a free screen recorder version, you can pre-determine the time you want to record your screen or record only the sound of the images on the screen.

Another nice feature of Movavi Screen Recorder is that you can show the mouse cursor with a separate sign during recording. In addition, if you wish, you can make an adjustment that will make the keyboard strokes visible on the screen.

HitPaw Screen Recorder (Recommended)

HitPaw Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder to record your camera and screen simultaneously with the picture-in-picture feature. You can change the Picture-in-Picture size and position during recording. You can also switch to different recording modes such as webcam and screen, screen and webcam, screen only, or webcam only. On the other hand, with the monitor feature that only belongs to HitPaw Screen Recorder, you can be sure that everything is fine during recording, and you can instantly follow what content you are recording. You can also record keyboard and mouse cursors with different effects.


The video recorder is a free program as well as a very good video editing program. It allows you to create interactive and dynamic videos. In addition, it also allows you to transfer images taken from an external camera to a computer in HD. You can easily use this program in the classroom or at your workplace. You can also export your recorded and edited videos at 60 FPS.

The demo period of the paid version is only 30 days and it is forbidden to register for commercial purposes during this period. This is the only downside to the program. Apart from that, it is a program that should be used even for 30 days with its quality and endless features. If you buy the paid version, you can also record or edit videos from your mobile devices.

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